Best Stock Photo Sites | Reviews | Part 1

Shutterstock Review & Details

1 December 2014

Shuttestock is the leading microstock agency due to their specific business model: customers can buy a subscriprtion plan which allows them to download 25 images per day [...]

Fotolia Review & Details

1 May 2015

LATEST NEWS: Fotolia has changed their website design.
Our first review in September 2012 wasn't favouring Fotolia due to the fact that [...]

Dreamstime Review & Details

11 December 2014

Most microstockers report Dreamstime in their top 5. Due to their high commission to contributors and very talented and motivated team, it is a must for photographers who [...]

123RF Review & Details

9 December 2014

123RF is in our top 5 due to great progress they have recently made. When we started with this agency, sales were very slow, but we kept submitting the same content as [...]

Depositphotos Review & Details

1 December 2014

Depositphotos was a great surprise for us. We should have started submitting our stock images to this site long time ago. They tend to grow rapidly, and what is most important [...]

Bigstock Review & Details

1 December 2014

Founded in 2004 as BigStockPhoto, in 2009 they were aquired by Shutterstock, the biggest subscription based image library. Following this, they changed the look of [...]

Pond5 Review & Details

22 February 2015

Pond5 describe themselves as the “world’s most vibrant marketplace for creativity”. And in the opinion of many microstockers they are. Launched in 2006, Pond5 unlike other [...]

Photodune Review & Details

11 December 2014

We have joined PhotoDune not so long ago and were surprised how fast this website is growing. As part of Envato Market, PhotoDune is a good source of stock images and [...]

FDP Review & Details

29 August 2014 offers a unique way to download photos and illustrations. ALL images (smallest size) on their website are available free of charge, for business, personal, [...]

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  1. Venny Leong

    January 23, 2016

    Hi, Good day, I would like to check with you for 2 questions.

    QUESTION 1) Can I sell my photos which previously I have posted in Facebook before?

    QUESTION 2) Can I sell my photos which previously published in newspaper before ? (For the purpose of sharing the location captured by the photo to the readers. Without any commission consideration / rewards received from the newspaper publisher.)

    Thank you.

    • Stock Photo Adviser

      January 23, 2016

      Hi Venny, you can sell your photos in both cases provided the images meet all specific requirements to be sold as stock, such as size, resolution, quality, have model and/or property release attached where required, etc... You can read more about technical requirements here. Thanks.

  2. John

    October 28, 2014

    Hello, Great article! I am relatively new to Microstock sales and up to this point have given a Royalty Free License. When using Dreamstime they give several options in addition to Royalty Free. Web Usage, Print, etc. Being new, I do not understand if I should be checking those boxes to maximize my earning potential or not. I am currently also with the companies mentioned in your article. Appreciate your opinion. Thank you, John

    • Stock Photo Adviser

      October 29, 2014

      Hi John, thanks for your comment. Sometimes, for any reason, you may not want your work to be sold with a specific license, so it is always great to be given a choice of how your stock photos are licensed. If there are no such reasons, opting in for any additional license increases your sales potential, and usually images sell for much more than under a standard license. On Dreamstime, open any of your images and expand "Extended Licenses" link to see how much your image will cost to potential buyers. Also, read Web Usage and Print Licenses description, and once you accept the use, tick the boxes. Good luck!

  3. Debby

    September 1, 2014

    Thanks for the great info! Can you submit the same photos to different companies?

    • Stock Photo Adviser

      September 1, 2014

      Hello Debby, yes, you can, as long as your images are sold with Royalty Free License (see this article) and you are NOT working exclusively with any agency, or your images are NOT exclusively sold anywhere else. Good luck!

  4. Ray

    June 20, 2014

    Hi, around how many images would a photographer need in their portfolio before seeing decent money? Thank you.

    • Stock Photo Adviser

      June 23, 2014

      Hi Ray, it depends on how strong your portfolio is. We know fellow stock photographers who make decent money with 200-300 images. Maybe this article will be of any help: What to do and what to avoid when submitting photos for sale. Thanks.

  5. Leigh Trail

    May 17, 2014

    Do you know if Shutterstock accepts pictures of money, including foreign currency? I can't find any reference to what is/not acceptable on their website. Thanks.

    • They will probably not accept scans, but good quality images should be fine. We had ours accepted some time ago, so give it a try. Regards.

  6. Cintia

    February 22, 2014

    Hi there! Would you still say iStock is a good start for amateurs? Have you heard of [...], I found them by chance to use some images on my (unrelated) website/blog. Maybe I just have to try a few of them...

    • Stock Photo Adviser

      February 23, 2014

      Hi! Yes, you can always try iStock and any other stock photo site (not only the ones we have listed here), and see which is best for you! Good luck!

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