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September 2014 Stock Photo Agencies

Comparison list of exclusivity programs. You can check how much royalty (if any) is offered by the stock photography agencies to a photographer who wants to become an exclusive author. To compare royalties for non-exclusive and exclusive contributors check the details of individual stock photo websites.

For better understanding of the most important issues related to becoming an exclusive stock photo author read the Exclusive or Non-exclusive article.

Agency Exclusivity
Shutterstock LogoNot offered
Fotolia LogoFrom 35% to 63%
Dreamstime Logo60% + $0.20 bonus for each approved submission. Also, non-exclusive contributors can upload exclusive images.
123RF LogoNot offered
Depositphotos LogoFrom 50% to 60% per file sold or from $0.31 per sale via subscription.
Photodune LogoFrom 50% to 70%
Bigstock LogoNot offered
iStock LogoUp to 45% (to become exclusive you must have 250 downloads and approval ratio of 50% or 500 downloads).
Pixtastock Logo From 40% to 55%. See also Pixta Commission Page.
FreeDigitalPhotos LogoNot offered
ImageBrief LogoSince ImageBrief presents quite different business model, visit their website for details.
Canstockphoto LogoNot offered
Stockfresh LogoNot offered
YAY Micro LogoNot offered
Alamy LogoNot offered
Cutcaster Logo55%. Also, non-exclusive contributors can upload exclusive images
Pond5 LogoNot offered
PhotoSpin LogoNot offered
Ingimage Logo30%
Pixmac LogoPixmac moved to Pond5 - read more here.
Picture IrelandNot offered

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