Depositphotos is changing Royalty Rates and Credit Prices

Starting from September 1, 2015, Depositphotos is lowering the levels of contributor royalty rates for credit sales. It follows recent rising of credit prices implemented on August 22, 2015.

Depositphotos has decided to level the prices of stock photos with market rates and raise prices for files purchased via credits. By doing so, they expect that lower royalty rates incurred by contributors due to decreasing commission rates will be compensated to maintain author earnings at the same level.

In the email sent recently in relation to the above, Depositphotos claims to be still one of the stock photo agencies with the highest royalty rates paid to its contributors. They also explain that their decision was dictated by the market requirements, with the intention to make their operations more profitable and allow for future development. They also express that they are confident that their growth will continue, and with contributors help they will retain the leading position among other stock photo agencies.

Below are the latest royalty rates introduced on September 1, 2015:

Depositphotos Royalty Rates

with comparison to previous rates:

Depositphotos Previous Royalty Rates

As you can see from the above, it is 10% across the board, but at least royalties for stock files purchased via subscription remain at the same level:

Depositphotos Royalty Rates for Subscription Sales

For those not familiar with Depositphotos Contributor Levels structure please take a look at the table below:

Depositphotos Contributor Levels

Your level as an author is purely based on your sales and counted as 1 download for stock photos sold via credits and 1/3 download for subscription sales, which means you need 3 subscription sales to be accounted for 1 download.

To learn more about Depositphotos and find out how to become their contributor read our full Depositphotos Review & Details. Photo buyers can check our Depositphotos Search Widget and find the perfect image without leaving our website.

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