Upload Audio Tracks To Dreamstime

On May 5, 2016, Dreamstime opened the fresh new Audio Section for submissions. From now on all stock media contributors can upload music tracks, clips and sounds to Dreamstime website.

The recommended option for uploading large files or batches is via FTP and here are the requirements for audio files:

  • Upload in /audio folder
  • WAV or FLAC format
  • 44100 minimum samplerate
  • 16-bit minimum precision
  • From 2 to 600 seconds length

At the moment, Dreamstime is waiting for new content and once they approve some, a new section for buyers will open.

Below are the categories planned for audio files:

Dreamstime Audio Files Categories

Pricing is important for stock contributors, so please take a look at the table below:

Dreamstime Audio Files Rates

Because it's just a fresh start with audio files, Dreamstime may consider changing these prices depending on what content they receive from stock audio authors.

To learn more about Dreamstime read our Review or visit their Website.

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