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September 2014 Stock Photo Agencies Last update: 16 June 2015

Comparison list of what stock photography agencies pay to contributing photographers. Check how much you can earn by selling stock photos online.

We hope it will help you decide on which stock photo site offers best terms and financial compensation.

Agency Royalties
Shutterstock LogoImages - from 25c per download. It will increase to 33c once you reach $500, to 36c once you reach $3,000, and up to 38c once you earn $10,000.
Video clips - 30% of the sale price.
Fotolia LogoFrom 20% to 63% for single-image download, from 0.25 credits to 0.40 credits for subscription download.
Dreamstime LogoFrom 25% Revenue Share per image (+ 10% for Exclusive Image) and $0.35 per subscription sale. Exclusive Photographers receive from 60% Revenue Share per image and $0.42 on subscription + $0.20 bonus for each approved submission.
123RF LogoFrom 30% for credit for new contributors and $0.216 per subscription download.
Depositphotos Logo34% - 42% per file sold or $0.30 - $0.35 per sale via subscription (all depanding on your contributor's level).
Photodune Logo36% (60% for exclusive photographers).
Bigstock LogoFrom $0.50 for each credit download and from $0.25 per download with subscription (increased by number of downloads in the previous 12 months), 30% for Partners sales and $25 for Extended License sale.
iStock Logo15-20% or 25-45% for exclusive contributors (depending on redeemed credits) and from $0.28 for subscription and partner sales.
Pixtastock Logo20 - 42% (30 - 53% for exclusive content) and 0.25 - 0.4 credits for sales via subscription based service Imasia.
FreeDigitalPhotos Logo70% of all sales.
ImageBrief Logo70% of sale price.
Canstockphoto LogoFrom 20% to 50% for Custom License / Prints, from $0.50 for credit download or from $0.25 per subscription download.
Stockfresh LogoFrom 50% to 62.5% for credit and $0.35 per subscription download.
YAY Micro Logo50% for credit and partner sales or from €0.20 to €1.50 per subscription download.
Alamy Logo50% for sales on Alamy Website;
50% for sales through Novel Use;
50% for video clip sales;
70% for sales through Alamy distributors (30% to Alamy, 40% to the distributor).
Cutcaster Logo40% (55% for Exclusive Contributors).
Pond5 Logo50% on all sales.
PhotoSpin LogoSingle images 40% of image sale price / 40% revenue share for subscriptions based upon the total number of images downloaded per customer per month.
Ingimage Logo20% (30% for Exclusive Contributors).
Pixmac LogoPixmac is not accepting new images as they moved to Pond5 - read more here.
Existing contributors - from 30% to 44% depending on amount of sales (45% - 60% for Exclusive Photographers).

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