offers a unique way to download photos and illustrations. ALL images (smallest size) on their website are available free of charge, for business, personal, charitable or educational use. Larger sized images are all available to buy at prices starting from $3,00.

Not all photographers and illustrators will be happy to give their stock photos for free, but due to FreeDigitalPhotos’ specific business model, they have a very high visitor rate what in turn provides photo sellers with much greater number of potential buyers.

How does it work?

If an image is used for free, it must be published with an acknowledgement to and the image creator/owner on the same page or screen where the image is used. If for any reason buyer does not want or is unable to publish an acknowledgement, they must purchase the image to avoid this requirement.

Joining is free and as a contributor you will receive a great 70% of each sale. You also get your own portfolio display page and the ability to control the prices that your high resolution images are sold at. Visit FDP Registration Page and follow on screen instructions to register your free account. Then, submit 3 sample images for review. Once accepted, you can apply for FTP access if you have more than 500 images ready for upload.

Interesting Referral Program

When you are registering as a contributor you can provide a marketing code in your application form. If your application gets accepted FreeDigitalPhotos will ask you to confirm which of the contributors referred you and give them their username. Once you have had more than 100 images approved and live on the site for a period of 60 days your revenue will be increased to 80% for a period of 30 days. Also, 30 days after joining, your referral will be put on the royalty rate of 80% for a period of 30 days.

FreeDigitalPhotos Review: Our verdict

If you are one of those photographers or illustrators happy to give away the smallest size of your images, give FreeDigitalPhotos a try. You receive an amazing market-leading 70% compensation, have the ability to set your own prices and you can request your royalties payout when you reach $10!

Also, FreeDigitalPhotos features new photographers with strong portfolios on every page of their site, which gives you great exposure to potential buyers.

FreeDigitalPhotos Details
LocationHong Kong
How to applyVisit registration page and follow on-screen instructions to register your account – to avail of 80% commission type “REF121” as the Marketing Code.
Submit 3 sample images for review. Once accepted you can apply for FTP access if you have more than 500 images ready for upload.
Image sizeLongest side between 2200 and 7000 pixels. Files cannot exceed 20MB.
Media acceptedPhoto, Illustration
LicensesStandard License and Extended License
Image pricingFREE with attribution, otherwise from $3.00 per image
Minimum payout$10
Payment methodsPayPal
Referral programRoyalty increased to 80% for a period of 30 days for both you and your referral (read more above)
Upload methodsWebform, FTP (for portfolios of more than 500 images)
IPTC Data supportYes
Download ReleasesAdult Model Release
Minor Model Release
Property Release
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