In September 2017, Getty Images announced to their customers and contributors that they were closing Thinkstock platform in mid-2019.

Thinkstock is a subscription-based service where customers can access stock photo collections from iStock. Most of the content uploaded to iStock was made available through Thinkstock platform providing contributors with more sales opportunities.

Now, with Thinkstock closing, stock photo buyers will get access to content and advanced features and tools on Getty Images and iStock. Moving customers from Thinkstock to both other sites will begin in 2018.

What will happen to existing Thinkstock subscriptions and image packs?

If you have an existing 1-year or 1-month subscription or image pack you will be able to use them until running out of downloads or they expiry. You will also be able to purchase additional image packs or renew their subscriptions as usual. When your 1-year subscription ends you will get a special offer to move to a Getty Images Premium Access subscription. With it, you will get access to the same content from Thinkstock, iStock, and Getty Images you get today, at the same low price. All customers with previously purchased annual subscriptions, special and multi‑seat requirements will be offered comparable products on Getty Images.

What will you get when moving from Thinkstock?

In addition to gaining access to the content on and, you will:

  • retain access to your previous downloads and existing lightboxes until Thinkstock shuts down mid-2019
  • have access to integrated tools such as plugins and extensions for Adobe® Creative Cloud®, WordPress, DropBox or Salesforce, as well as more advanced on‑site tools – intuitive search and filters, bigger images in the search grid, ability to search by image, download multiple images
  • have no daily or monthly download limits

What about Contributors content?

It will no longer be available on Thinkstock website, but all non‑exclusive iStock content is already available to specific subscription customers on Getty Images website. Also, all annual plan subscribers will have access to the same content that is currently available on Thinkstock, including the same iStock Essentials imagery. If you upload your stock images to iStock on regular basis it will still be sent to Thinkstock and be available there until late 2018.

What will happen to your royalties?

Your royalties will be calculated the same way your Getty Images or iStock royalties are calculated. If existing Thinkstock customers move to Getty Images and iStock, you should get similar number of sales as today. Whether the compensation is the same (or similar) we will find out in a matter of months.

If you would like to start selling your images on iStock, read our Review or visit iStock Website.

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