IMPORTANT UPDATE: ImageBrief closed for business as of March 1, 2018.

ImageBrief was founded and designed to reward photographers for their art and help image buyers find the perfect shot. Despite being founded in 2011, it has grown quickly and received rave reviews from some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and marketing departments such as BBDO and LandRover. The company offers the highest payout to photographers at 70% while allowing buyers to find their image in a seamless process.

How It Works

Buyers submit a real-language image request that includes their budget and a description of what they’re looking for. Photographers receive a notification to their phone via the ImageBrief app, and can submit images from their existing portfolio or take new pictures. In no time, the buyer is looking at a variety of creative images elaborating on their request.

ImageBrief has 100,000,000+ fresh, unique images ready to be sold. The service doesn’t cost anything until you buy/sell an image, and it saves your time. Creative directors, stop searching through pages of computer-generated search results every time you need an image. Photographers, spend your time worrying about doing what you love and selecting pieces of your work. The photo industry has moved away from caring about what really matters: the artists, the art, and the audience. Help it get back to a fair marketplace by checking out ImageBrief and registering today!

Read what Stephan Leeds of ImageBrief has to say about their business model here.

Our verdict

Give it a shot! ImageBrief offers a frictionless and rewarding business model for photographers and buyers alike!

ImageBrief Details
LocationNew York, USA
How to applyVisit registration page
Image sizeMinimum 1200 px
Media acceptedImages
LicensesRoyalty Free & Rights Managed
Image pricingMarket price
Royalties70% of sale price
Minimum payout70% of sale price
Payment methodsPayPal, Payoneer
Referral program$50 Voucher when referred photographer sells his first image
Upload methodsActiveX, FTP
IPTC Data supportYes
CurrenciesUS Dollar
Language versionsEnglish
Download ReleasesUpon request: Model, Property, Location and Trademark Releases
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