All you need to know about model and property release. Why and when you need releases for your models and properties shown in your images.

Model Release

All images containing recognizable people require a model release (talent release). The only exception is when an image is to be used with Editorial License but check it with your stock photo agency first. In general, for all images containing people’s faces you need to have model release signed by your model. Blank model release forms are usually available for download from every stock photo site.

You will find general model release forms on the Internet. If possible, you should download and fill out a form from particular site you want to upload to. Most stock photo agencies will accept general release forms as long as they are not specific to any other agency. Make sure it contains all required information. Even if one detail is missing (for example model’s email address), it will be rejected and you will have to waste your time filling out another one.

Property Release

Property release is more complex issue. There are many different requirements by stock agencies so you should check their terms and conditions before uploading. There is a general rule that any private property needs a release, no matter if it is a privately owned house, restaurant, hotel, its interior, exterior or element of design.
HINT: Many photographers take shots of castles, but you need to remember that most operating castles should have property release included. Same may apply to private parks, so even if they are made available to public free of charge.

For your convenience, we have combined the list of links to model and property release forms here.

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