Originally Germany’s first micro stock agency, PantherMedia offers over 160 million royalty free and rights manages images, and has the largest media selection of any German agency. This includes 35 million vector files, over 6 million videos and hundreds of thousands of 360° images.

PantherMedia Review

Stock content and new collections are added on a daily basis. Plus comprehensive real person customer service, a flexible license model and powerful free systems like a free enterprise solution and free REST API for direct integration into your online shops or internal systems.

PantherMedia offers one of the broadest ranges of ordering and payment options including purchasing on account, subscriptions, credits image packs or single downloads. It makes purchasing media super easy for everyone’s requirements. You can also purchase small file sizes for your blog, website or social media posts.


Get 5 Free Images + 20% Discount on your first purchase
EXPIRES: 30 Jun 2024


Get 5 Free Images + 20% Discount on your first purchase
EXPIRES: 30 Jun 2024

Powerful search tools and multiple keyword entry languages complete the picture of a stock photography agency that is a leader in content, customer service and dedicated to making each of your projects a success both on creativity and budget.

Licensing is carried out strictly in accordance with German copyright law, the place of jurisdiction is in Germany and accounting is also carried out according to the German accounting system.

PantherMedia Review | Stock Photo Adviser

PantherMedia is a German stock photography agency located in the heart of Munich with a clear international orientation towards both clients and contributors all over the World.

PantherMedia offers hotlines especially for photography and video buyers from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and most recently in India. In addition, beside Euro, payment for purchases can also be made in Danish Kroner, British Pounds, Australian and US Dollars, Polish Zloty and Indian Rupees. Invoices from local legal entities in those territories are available on request.

The PantherMedia website has over 125 million royalty-free photos, 30 million illustrations and vectors as well as hundreds of thousands of 360° images to choose from. There is also a selected range of editorial images available.

Stock content offered by PantherMedia

The clearly structured homepage divides PantherMedia’s image offering into three large areas: royalty-free images, vectors and editorial images.

PantherMedia Stock Content | Stock Photo Adviser

Beyond still photos, PantherMedia also offers a very large selection of videos and 360° images.

PantherMedia 360-Degree Images | Stock Photo Adviser

When you have found the right images, PantherMedia offers you four different ordering / purchase options:

Instant purchase on account

Instant purchases on account includes a comprehensive service and offers the option of cancellation if required. Images, packs or subscriptions can be purchased on account and then conveniently paid for by bank transfer. PantherMedia was the first new generation photo agency to introduce this payment option.

An immediate purchase is a little more expensive than the other ordering options but convinces with the premium service included in the price. In addition to help with image search and image selection, this also includes the option to have the license of the image “upgraded” by PantherMedia after purchase. The invoice can also be cancelled within 14 days. This is an interesting option, especially for advertising agencies. 

Buy stock content with Credits

Credits work like a prepaid account and have to be purchased in advance before actually buying the image. A special feature of the PantherMedia credit system is the validity of the individual credits. While at other agencies the credits have to be used within one year after purchase, at PantherMedia they are valid without time restrictions. This also makes buying credits an interesting option for occasional buyers because you can benefit from promotions even when you don’t need an image immediately.

Purchase via Image Pack

Purchasing an image pack is particularly useful when there is an intermittent need for images, since the acquired downloads can be used up in one day or in any other period within 12 months of purchasing the image pack. Images Packs of various sizes can be purchased for web or print use. If you need a special licensing model, customer service can also put together individual image packs for you.

Purchase by Subscription

The subscription is good choice for customers with high volume demand for images. Subscription plans represent an inexpensive alternative to the three other ordering purchase options. Depending on the selected subscription plan, the image price can be as low as 32 cents / photo. PantherMedia subscriptions do not renew automatically.

If you need a customized offer or product with specific license terms tailored to your project, PantherMedia have it all. Their customer service team will be happy to give you a “tailored to your needs” quote for both the image packs and subscriptions. The quote is free of charge and non-binding.

PantherMedia pricing in a nutshell

PantherMedia’s pricing is clear and easy to understand.

PantherMedia Royalty-free Images Pricing | Stock Photo Adviser

Get 5 free images + 20% discount on PantherMedia

Together with PantherMedia, we give away this special exclusive offer to all our Readers.

To get your free images you must follow the “Activate Voucher” link, signup on PantherMedia and the free images will be automatically added to your account. To learn more about this special offer, read this post.


Get 5 Free Images + 20% Discount on your first purchase
EXPIRES: 30 Jun 2024


Get 5 Free Images + 20% Discount on your first purchase
EXPIRES: 30 Jun 2024

Premium RF and Rights Managed Collections for special requirements

PantherMedia also has some premium collections ready for special requirements. These can be recognized by the small black P or RM icon below the respective image. The premium collections have particularly high quality and a unique visual language. The prices of the premium images are therefore correspondingly higher between 20 and 500 euros, depending on the image size.

The icons also serve as toggle switches for easily jumping back and forth between these special licenses and the standard collection.


When purchasing an image, the RF license you receive for using the image is important. The PantherMedia’s standard license includes full legal security for a large part of the intended uses.

For more specific uses, you can select extended licenses individually – the license for the extended user group, the license for resale items or the combination license, which covers all uses. The license for the extended user group allows the use of images in several companies in a group as well as in franchise companies.

At PantherMedia, the social media license is included in the standard license, with which you can publish images without restrictions on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

PantherMedia Licenses | Stock Photo Adviser

PantherMedia’s Rights Managed content can be purchased as easily as Royalty Free license. The only difference is that you choose length of use instead of file size. With RM the XXL file is always included.

PantherMedia Review | Stock Photo Adviser

Free Enterprise Solution for corporations or multi team or location organisations

For companies with large teams and image credits (credits, subscriptions, image packages), PantherMedia offers its free enterprise solution. As part of this solution, you can give all your colleagues access to your license-free images. You can transfer credits to your colleagues, let them participate in the subscription, transfer downloads from image packs to each other or pass on certain purchasing conditions. With the enterprise solution you always have an overview and can manage your entire purchase and download activities. You can also use it to ensure that no image is accidentally purchased twice.

Searching for content at PantherMedia

The choice is yours! Everyone knows that, right? Thanks to great search features, finding the perfect image for your project at PantherMedia is easy and searching delivers a compelling results. The images are well tagged and you get accurate results even with very precise or long search queries.

Always visible search field lets you simply enter your keyword and start searching at any time.

You can search only for specific media types, such as stock photos, vectors, editorial images, videos or 360°image. If you prefer to search the entire collection, click on “All files” next to the search field. In addition, you can further refine your search results with many search filters such as number of people, ethnicity, age, gender, etc.

PantherMedia Review | Stock Photo Adviser

With lightboxes, you can store the images or create a specific collection, which is as easy as drag and drop. Upon request, you can also receive an image selection picked by PantherMedia photo researchers.

PantherMedia Review: Our verdict

PantherMedia is one of the most attractive stock agencies and offers a lot when it comes to buying images, vectors, videos or other media: a variety of content, excellent customer service, and very flexible and simple payment options. PantherMedia is recognised for its quest for attractive and new type of content, such as for example 360° images.

And there’s more – PantherMedia has a free hotline to provide their customers with a professional advise on anything related to purchasing stock content from their collection. A free enterprise solution making content not only available to a single employee but across teams and locations.

PantherMedia is a modern and customer-oriented photo agency that not only caters to large customers, agencies and publishers, but also appeals to SMB or SOHO clients with a rather small budget.

With its very personal customer service and many other little extras, PantherMedia is far ahead of many of its competitors. Register today and try PantherMedia for free!

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