PIXTA have more than 48 million (Oct 2019) stock photos, illustrations and footages from all around the world. It is the largest microstock photo site in Japan. Currently, PIXTA has over 300,000 contributors. The overseas expansion started in 2013, and they are developing the site in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Thai, and Korean.

PIXTA has rich Asia contents! They offer an impressive selection of a large number of stock contents with the feeling of real life by the contributors of Asia. These stock contents are created from home cooking scene and daily life of people living in Asia, which is significantly persuasive in comparison with the stock photos of “Asian”.

Pixta Promo Codes

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Become Pixta Contributor

To become PIXTA’s contributor you have to sign up for contributor account on PIXTA Website, and then pass “Contributor Introduction Examination” (for photo / illustration contributor) or “Footage Contributor Examination”. After you pass those exams, you can upload your works to sell. What is important, you can apply for higher monthly upload limits if you have a large portfolio of over 500 images. You can become an Exclusive Contributor, but you can also upload only some of your images as exclusive, which is an option for non-exclusive contributors to increase their commission rates for individual images sold as exclusive.

PIXTA’s customer support is very friendly and helpful, and their website design is very practical – you can easily find whatever you need on your Contributor’s Page. Since PIXTA is a well established business for Asian market, sales are pretty impressive from the very beginning, even slightly better than on any other “newly established” stock photo sites. They have introduced their own subscription service called Imasia, so there is another opportunity to increase your portfolio’s sales potential by opting in the service, as long as you are happy with 0,25 credits per sale.

Our verdict

PIXTA accepts only high quality work, so you might expect some rejections (especially in terms of technical requirements for vectors). If your portfolio is strong and you are looking for new sales opportunities, register on PIXTA today.

Pixta Details

LocationTokyo, Japan
How to applySign up as a contributor and take “Contributor Examination”. After you pass the exam, you can upload your work to sell
Image sizeFor JPEG and PNG files, sum of width and height must be 1301px or larger
Media acceptedPhoto, Vector (EPS), Footage
LicensesStandard License and Extended License
Minimum payout50 Credits. Note: All rates are indicated by PIXTA’s currency “Credits” (1credit = 100JPY)
Payment methodsPayPal or Payoneer
Upload methodsWebform, FTP (available for footage only)
IPTC Data supportYes
CurrenciesUS Dollar, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar, and Thai Baht
Language versionsJapanese, English, Chinese
More detailsDetails of Contributor Royalties, Image/ Credit/ Subscription Prices, Referral Programs and Exclusivity Rates can be found in our Comparisons
Download ReleasesModel Release
Property Release
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