Alamy has finally launched their new FTP service. From now on you can send stock images to Alamy via FTP directly from your favourite FTP client! With this new service we can upload images ;easier and faster as we already do with the other stock agencies.

This is how Alamy announces it on their Blog:

“We all know one of the most rewarding parts of photography is getting out there and taking the pictures. Whether it’s time dedicated to composing the perfect shot, or a hastily grabbed snap that somehow happens to turn out perfectly (often never to be repeated).
The same can also be said of the moment you download your images from your memory card. When you view them on your computer monitor and process the files in a plethora of different photo editing programs, until you’ve got them just right.
After you’ve completed all of this hard work and your images are ready to send, you want to use the easiest way of sending your images to Alamy. That’s why we’ve listened to your requests and taken steps to improve the upload experience. We’re now pleased to offer submissions by FTP”.

Send stock images to Alamy via FTP: when?

FTP service will be available to all Alamy contributors and it will be enabled on all accounts in the next few weeks. More detailed information on how to get started with FTP will be available on My Alamy page. The option will be available once your account has been activated so be patient if it is not there yet. To register your free account visit Alamy Website.

When you click on “Upload” tab you will be given two options:

  • “Stock Upload” to sent your images in a traditional way via the website uploader, and
  • “FTP Upload” with all the details you need to configure your FTP Client.

If you do not have one yet, follow the links provided by Alamy and download FileZilla, FirefTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck or ClassicFTP.

To learn more about Alamy, read our review. For special Coupon Codes and Deals visit this post.

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