This article describes briefly what images sell best. Most of the stock photo agencies list their requirements of what type of stock images they need, so check it regularly. It will vary from site to site, but in general, your work needs to be “stock oriented images with high commercial value”.

What images sell best

Business people and concepts – shots of people at work, business equipment, offices, and office buildings, people in business attire.
Financial concepts.
Concepts & metaphors – be creative to explain something in a new way.
Food & drinks – cuisines from around the world.
Groups, teams – people working together.
Holiday & seasonal themes – more than just religious celebrations; local festivals and customs are preferable.
Home & garden – household images of beautiful interiors, furniture, modern kitchens and toilets, gardens or pool side views. Home repair and improvement are also needed.
Non-business jobs – mechanics, cooks, garbage men, baristas, etc.
People interacting: Human interaction is a constant in this world.
Religion & spirituality.
Diversity – families, groups, cultures, ethnic backgrounds.
Sports – especially team sports.
Science & technology – electronics, telecommunication, mobile phones, etc.
Social issues – all these things that impact us.

These will not sell well

Flags – there is so many of them.
Nature snap shots – make sure you are really good at this, otherwise it will not be accepted.
Light blurs – unless it is great they don’t consider it good stock.
Photoshop backgrounds – designers are looking for something extraordinary.
Shots of people without any concept or idea.
Single fruits and vegetables – be creative, as they say that those days of a single apple isolated on white has already passed.
Sunsets, cloudscapes, skies – these should be stunning, otherwise don’t bother submitting.
Pet shots – we all love them but make sure your images stand out from the crowd.

Stock agencies are overloaded with these subjects so avoid them unless your work is really outstanding.

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