YAY is located in Oslo, Norway. It was founded by Jan Ole Kjellesvig, Linda Johannessen and Oddbjørn Sjøgren. YAY was established in January 2008, and the first images were uploaded to their site on March 7 same year. After several great reviews and positive response YAY managed to get 200,000 images in the image base by site launch in June 2008.

YAY Micro (YAY) aims to be the best creative and editorial microstock agency in terms of low price, high quality, a good reputation and a high customer and contributor satisfaction. Their vision is to be the leading digital content provider.

Photographers get a 50% commission at YAY. On subscription sales they offer a €1 (about $1.50) commission for each download. You are free to sell your work on other sites. Their Affiliate Program is great – you get a 30% commission each time a customer buys anything at YAY – forever!

What is interesting – YAY image approval is done by a professional company, and therefore they do not need any image approvers.

YAY Images

YAY launched a new site called yayimages.com which is subscription-based and solely for customers (uploading is still done through YAY Micro Website or ftp).

In January 2016, YAY announced that to help them focus on their business goals for 2016, they will redirect all stock photo buyers to this new subscription site.

YAY Images Review: Our verdict

AY offers variation, quality, low price and a great user experience for both, photographers and stock photo buyers so don’t hesitate and give it a try!

YAY Images Details

Website yayimages.com
Location Oslo, Norway
How to apply Just sign up and you are ready to upload your files. You can also send your stock photos by mail on a CD, DVD or portable hard drive
Image size At least 6 megapixels and in addition a minimum of 1500 pixels on each side
Media accepted Photo, Illustration, Vector, Footage
Licenses Royalty Fee License
Minimum payout €30
Payment methods PayPal or Skrill (contact support for other options)
Exclusivity No
Upload methods Via browser or FTP
IPTC Data support Yes
More details Details of Contributor Royalties, Image/ Credit/ Subscription Prices, Referral Programs and Exclusivity Rates can be found in our Comparisons
Download Releases Model Release
Property Release

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