Probably by now everybody in stock photography industry knows that Fotolia website is closing on November 5, 2019. For those who hear about it just now, I will highlight the most important aspects affecting both stock contributors and customers.

Adobe acquired Fotolia in 2014, giving grounds to Adobe Stock website with impressive collection of stock images from Fotolia. As I said in my Adobe Stock Review, it was a great move not only for Adobe, but also for customers to get access to assets on both platforms, and Fotolia contributors to benefit from wider exposure to their work.

Fotolia website is closing

It was inevitable that Adobe would slowly fade out Fotolia and focus on its own stock platform. First step was to stop in 2018 accepting new artists on Fotolia website. New contributors could create Adobe Stock account and still have their images displayed on Fotolia. Existing contributors were still able to upload content on Fotolia or Adobe Stock. Both platforms have different pricing options so customers had choice of using either of them to suit their requirements.

Adobe wants to focus on development of feature-reach Adobe Stock platform with its deep integration into Adobe Creative Cloud apps. If you are Fotolia’s existing customer you can migrate your unused downloads and credits over to Adobe Stock. Only eligible Fotolia members (individual accounts) can avail of this special transfer offer. Details of eligibility can be found here.

Although Fotolia website is closing on 5 November 2019, starting now, Adobe is preparing their customers and contributors by providing options and instructions on how to move to Adobe Stock.

Transfer your account from Fotolia to Adobe Stock

The process is quite simple. Proceed with moving your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock by visiting this page. On Adobe Stock platform you will need to log in with your current Fotolia details.

Fotolia Website Is Closing | Stock Photo Adviser

Then you can either log in to your existing Stock Adobe account or create a new one.

Fotolia Website Is Closing | Stock Photo Adviser

If you have an existing Adobe Stock account (like I do), you will get the following message.

Start moving your account from Fotolia to Adobe now

Once you sign in with your Adobe ID, your Fotolia account will be connected with the one on Adobe platform.

What about Fotolia Credits, Downloads, Lightboxes

Once you confirm the transfer, all your remaining credits and/or monthly subscription downloads will be transferred to Adobe Stock.

If you qualify for the offer, you will receive 1 Adobe Stock Credit for each 5 Fotolia Credits that you transfer. The total number of Adobe Stock Credits you receive will be rounded up. For example, if you transfer 21 Fotolia Credits, it will be divided by 5 and rounded up from 4.2 to 5 Adobe Stock Credits. You will get less credits but with 1 Adobe Stock credit you can download 1 image of the largest size.

In case of Fotolia monthly subscription downloads and unused downloads, for 1 Fotolia download you will receive 2 Adobe Stock downloads. You can use transferred Adobe Stock Credits for 1 year from the date of the transfer and Adobe Stock Downloads for 1 year from the date of the initial transfer or each monthly quota. You cannot use credits and downloads transferred to Adobe Stock on Fotolia website.

Adobe Stock platform will automatically convert your shopping cart, lightboxes, and galleries to Creative Cloud Libraries. If you have some assets licensed on Fotolia, they (most of them due to some items not supported by Adobe Stock) will be accessible on your Adobe Stock license history page.

Free images from Adobe Stock

When you transfer over to Adobe Stock, you may try the service for a month and download 10 free images. No commitment, risk-free cancellation and it costs you nothing, but I’m sure you’ll stay with Adobe Stock for good. To find you how to get 10 Free Images from Adobe Stock read our step-by-step guide.

Adobe Stock Review | Stock Photo Adviser

Once you transfer your Fotolia account to Adobe Stock you will have access not only to Adobe Stock standard assets such as photos, illustrations and vectors, but also to 3D and template collections. For Adobe Stock Premium content, videos, and editorial you will need to purchase credit packs. After the transfer, you will still have access to your Fotolia account until 5 November 2018. For the terms and details on eligibility for the transfer visit this page.

What will happen to stock media authors?

If you are an existing Fotolia contributor, on you next visit to Fotolia website you will get an option to start moving your account to Adobe Stock. Just follow the steps as described above. If you have an existing Adobe Stock account you don’t have to do anything because your stock assets are already available on Adobe Stock website. Otherwise, create a new account and your stock portfolio will be transferred to and ready for sale on Adobe platform.

You will retain access to your Fotolia account till November 5, 2019. You will also be able to upload images or request payment on either platform.

To learn more about Adobe Stock read our Review or visit Adobe Stock Website.

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