Over the past twelve months, Picture Ireland has built up an impressive catalogue of Irish landscape photography. The company’s objective is to promote Ireland to the world and sell unique imagery by the top handpicked photographers. Stock Photo Adviser are happy to announce that Picture Ireland Launches 2016 Calendar titled “Ireland: A Piece of Home”.

Picture Ireland 2016 Calendar

Founder of Picture Ireland, Mark Sheils explains: “Ireland is an amazing place with some of the most unique and varied landscapes in the world. For a small island, there is no shortage of dramatic scenery. This inspired us to produce our 2016 calendar.

We’ve hand-picked images of some of the most iconic locations across Ireland by exceptionally talented photographers. Each picture captures a unique moment in time in unforgettable light. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves Ireland, home or abroad. And it supports Irish landscape photographers in a truly meaningful way.”

Picture Ireland 2016 Calendar

This calendar is now available in retailers or you can order yours directly from the Picture Ireland website by clicking the link below:
Buy 2016 Calendar

To learn more about Picture Ireland and see the most unique Irish landscapes read our Review or visit Picture Ireland website.

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