The World’s leading stock agency has recently announced their improvements to the submission process. From now on, submitting content to Shutterstock got easier and faster. They significantly improved the uploading speed and added other features to help contributors submit their content easier.

Submitting Content To Shutterstock: What’s New

You can start submitting your content as normal by selecting the files you want to upload. The process will continue the same way as before. You will see progress bar on each image but it is not difficult to notice, that uploading is much faster than it was before.

Once the upload process has finished, click next and go the editing page. This time you will see a completely re-designed submission page. Newly designed wide panel will show you all details of selected images/videos. Now you can edit image description, categories, keywords and add model or property releases. To edit more than one image at the time, use Shift or Command (Mac) /Control (Win) key to select multiple images.

Submitting Content To Shutterstock Improved | Stock Photo Adviser

In the top right corner of the edit screen you will be notified if any of your keywords carry spelling errors. If you think more keywords will be relevant, add those automatically suggested, or use the link in the bottom right corner to open Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Once you pick 3 or more images that are similar to yours you will get suggested keywords that are relevant to your image. Do not add too many keywords. Although you can add up to 50, for the search engines it’s better to keep only the most relevant.

Submitting Content To Shutterstock Improved | Stock Photo Adviser

When you’re finished with editing, click Submit and keep your fingers crossed to have all your images approved 🙂

Edit Page Re-Designed

You can use the new re-designed Edit Page not only when submitting content to Shutterstock, but also to easily edit your already approved images. Larger image or video previews and ability to select thumbnails and play a preview of your clips. And auto-keyword suggestion not only on the submit page but also on your approved images screen.

Submitting Content To Shutterstock | Stock Photo Adviser

Submitting Content To Shutterstock: Next Step

If you want to become Shutterstock Contributor visit this page and simply register your free account. You will need to sent 10 sample images for review of which only 1 have to be approved. To learn more about submitting content to Shutterstock read our review.

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