On May 30th, 2022, PantherMedia launched their new website optimised for professional picture buyers. This move is aimed at providing simplified yet powerful features to help customers improve their workflow experience when licensing stock visuals.

What new features make the difference?

  • Finding media files is now significantly more efficient and convenient.
  • Easier and faster image or video inspection with more attractive search results presentation.
  • Similar images or video clips can be displayed with just one click directly from the search results page.

PantherMedia New Website | Stock Photo Adviser

  • Uncluttered view of search results with fewer buttons and less unnecessary features.
  • Images are shown without watermarks for registered users.

PantherMedia New Website | Stock Photo Adviser

Besides the new technical features, PantherMedia have also simplified their pricing and decided to continue offering different file sizes to provide more financial flexibility to stock content buyers. As a result, the pricing structure along with optimized purchase and download process will provide more flexibility and diversity to PantherMedia customers.

To learn more about PantherMedia, head on to our review, or visit their website to learn more about all new features and pricing.

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Official press release:

PantherMedia optimizes its website for professional picture buyers.

Munich, May 2022. Stock photography agency PantherMedia now has a new website design setting new standards in search optics, image display and the licensing of royalty-free media.

PantherMedia’s declared goal with its new website was to enable image buyers to have a better work experience while having more fun doing so at the same. The new website now stands out with dramatically more visual search results and vastly simplified workflows. Finding visuals is now significantly more creative, efficient and at the same time much more fun and effective. Search results are now presented in a much more attractive format allowing for much easier and faster image or video inspection. Suggested keywords can easily be added to a search with just one click. Similar images or video clips can also be displayed with just one click directly from the search result or viewed directly on the large image view page. PantherMedia has removed everything that could distract from the image search display to create a clear uncluttered view of results. With fewer buttons and by dropping options that are rarely used, the pages are now very clear and tidy. The display of images is without watermarks for registered members.

Says PantherMedia founder Robert Walters: „Finding the right image is obviously the key to everything, but being able to easily download and use it is just as important at the end of the day. In recent years we have created many features to better meet all customer requirements, which has increased the complexity of our offer. With our now optimized purchase and download process, we finally managed the balancing act between simplicity and diverse customer requests.“

A special feature of PantherMedia is the availability of classic purchase on account online. This is something one is accustomed to from online shops, but not from photo agencies. In addition, PantherMedia also offers inexpensive prepaid models and an enterprise account for regularly returning customers and teams. Contrary to the trend towards a standard image price, the decision was made to continue offering different file sizes in order to protect the budgets of online users.

Tomas Speight, CEO of PantherMedia added: “We have also simplified and made our pricing and the use of credits more transparent. Especially the benefits of credits, which never expire at PantherMedia, stand out much more clearly now. Namely the savings that you make compared to the traditional single purchase without having to take out a subscription or wait for a discount campaign.“

In addition to photos, vectors and videos, product highlights include the Synthetic Humans Collection with AI-generated photos and the broad range of 360° images.

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